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Post by Mile hunter on Sat Nov 18, 2017 8:52 pm

Please, introduce yourself in short words, I will start.

My name iz Davor, coming from Novi Sad, Republic of Serbia. 
I'm 43 years old, have lovely wife (understands my Ogaming still Smile) , have 2 kids, doing IT related business for 15 years.

I like to compete, love to win, but I am not desperate if I lose sometimes. 
" It's not important not to fall, it's important after the fall to get up again"
I have played Ogame long time ago ( uni15.org from 2006-2010). nick Mile hunter , SERBIA E. , we ruled uni 15 as an ally for more then 2 years.
Have a lot experience in a lot of segments of this game, but not all of course. 
Came back to see if I still got an edge.

I founded Synergy with intention to gather all people of good will to play and to have fun together. 
I'm a team player, so good Synergy of our members, should help us in getting stronger, more compact and constant in our playing.
Every member is important, no one is special against the others, we are all - one team.

All for one and one for all...Smile

Cheers !!!
Mile hunter

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Post by ilovesnow on Sun Nov 19, 2017 1:43 am

Hi everyone. I'm from Taiwan and 26 years old now. I'm now applying to some universities in the US for a Ph.D degree. If I'm accepted, I'll be in the US for the next several years.

I first played ogame since I was in high school, 10 years ago. I have played in several universes in the Taiwan server, in some universe I played as a miner and in some universes I played as a fleeter. I have been the leader of the second strongest alliance in one universe, and hit a TOP2 CR with my alliance members. I quit game for some years due to some reasons in real life. Several years later I came back to game, but found that there are only about 350 players in the TW server. That's too boring to play, so I came to the en server.

First in this universe, I didn't know anyone. I was playing as a miner and typed on my planet name "sell duet", but no one was coming to buy duet from me. So I thought I needed to join an alliance to trade.  I read the alliance introduction of some big alliances, but most of them only accept people by recommendation. The alliance most attracted me at first was Airforce, because I liked their logo. However, they only accepted rank<200 players, and it seemed they didn't need much deut. At that time I was only ranked about 600, a very low rank, so I couldn't join. Then I applied to the alliance "killers", but also was rejected.

However I really needed to sell my excess duet, so I tried to find some fleeters by myself. I went to the forum and saw that Mile Hunter just posted a TOP10 CR report done by himself, and at that time he ranked second in "military points destroyed". I thought this guy was really cool, so I asked him for duet trade. I also noticed that there is a forum for this alliance, but seemed no one was using it. But at least I could see that the leader is trying to make a good alliance. Several weeks later I applied for this alliance and joined.

When I was in this alliance, I saw many of our members got hit. Since we don't aim to conquer the universe, I think it's ok if those player rebuild fast and become more careful. However seeing our members being hit still feels bad, so I typed in alliance messaged several times to remind our members to do good FS. In the most recent hit, I could see that we are capable to do some revenge, and that Mile is really a good leader. I think this is a good alliance, and hope will become stronger. This needs everyone's efforts.

By the way, maybe we can create a skype group or some group in other communicating software. The ogame chat and alliance chat is quite inconvenient.


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